Netz might not be a hugely familiar name within the European ebm, possibly due to their infrequent releases (only four in sixteen years to be exact), but it is quality, not quantity that counts. And the band have that in abundance. It is immediately obvious that the band’s main influence is Kraftwerk with the majority of the sounds and structures on ‚Exit Märchenland‘ owing to their minimalistic techno style.

However where Netz excel is in turning that „kling-klang“ style into driving dance floor tracks by instilling modern idm beats in their songs. This also gives the band plenty of scope to play with their own formula. Some bands feel very much in the vein of the stripped back Kraftwek sound like ‚Metropolis‘, ‚Hey Sam‘, ‚Emotionsmaschine‘ and ‚Love Story‘. However the other end of the spectrum contains some exquisite dance floor fodder in the forms of ‚Exit Märchenland (Bionik)‘, ‚War Of The Worlds‘, ‚Exit Märchenland (Mechanik)‘ and ‚Germany Calling (Mirrored)‘.

The band’s sound throughout is clean, crisp and clinical with a strong coherent mix across all the tracks which really shows that they have taken their time to craft the album rather than rush it from the computer to the CD. source: truecultheavymetal

NETZ cd werk04 - industrial music from GermanyMusictestlab
NETZ cd werk04 - industrial music from GermanyMentenebre