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:Wumpscut: remix 2k22

Dezember 27, 2021|

Doing a remix for :Wumpscut: for every new release is already a tradition for NETZ. The fascinating thing is, that Rudy only provides some sound-samples and you can choose between four songs. You don’t know the original song, you don’t know lyrics, you don’t know anything at all. This is freedom – and so we did what we always do… we made it a NETZ song. Stay tuned, the remix will be released somewhen in April by the master himself…

!Bang Elektronika

Mai 10, 2021|

Aktivierung! !Bang Elektronika is one or our all-time heroes and here it is, the NETZ.rmx of their power-song Aktivierung. All our music and all remixes can be found on our waves page. Within the last years we had the honor to produce remixes for bands just as Frame of Mind, :Wumpscut:, Psyche, Leaether Strip and Patenbrigade Wolff, only to mention some of them.


Mai 10, 2021|

We start releasing music, again. Every six to eight weeks you can expect a new NETZ song right here, at YouTube, at band camp of course and on our other social platforms. At the 1st of june, 6pm Seele will be available, one of our classic songs in an updated version. Seele is a power-song from our first release „werk01“ and always a pleasure to perform live on stage. Die Maschinen haben jetzt eine Seele… Sie haben Dir deine gestohlen!

NETZ releases

Mai 3, 2021|

The world has changed and so did the world of music. Since we startet, NETZ has produced and released 5 CDs and we love them all. But – we will not release a new hardware CD. CDs are, just like tapes and records, old technology. Today, music and everything bound to it is virtual. We will also miss to hold something in our hands – and at the same moment we are happy that connecting to you – our friends – is much easier today than it was when we released our first songs.

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